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The cornerstone of our business.

  • Svasti’s loan customer is a person with a need for small loans and the ability to repay them and comply with Svasti’s rules. The identification of this need and ability drives the core of products and processes.
  • Svasti’s customers come from different occupations ranging from tailors to caterers to vendors.
  • At present we serve women who are able to form groups of 5 providing guarantee for each other. As an established microfinance product model the Women JLG product has given Svasti a flavor of the market.
  • Svasti intends to increase reach among customers by:
    • Increasing the scope of financial services offered to existing segments covered by Svasti
    • Increase the coverage of customers to all people in the low income segment of society, not just women who can form groups.
  • We place more importance on depth rather than breadth in relation to customer engagement.

What can they expect from us

  • Products and processes that will work for them
  • Transparent products and processes
  • Fair evaluation
  • Long term engagement

What do we expect from them

  • Honesty in the information they provide
  • Compliance with our processes