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Supports extensive operational control through granular data collection

  • Svasti believes that data has to be the central force in decision making on all fronts. For this to be effective, it is important that the data gathering is accurate and reliable.
  • Svasti ‘s technology efforts are focused on aggregating data that arise from the day to day functioning of its employees, which primarily consists of the employees‘ interaction with customers.
  • Svasti uses technology systems that are designed and developed to support non-intrusive and structured aggregation of data, with the ability to convert that into business intelligence that can be used by its employees at all levels
  • The heart of this structure is the Microfinance ERP that is designed to cover all activity done at the branch level. Svasti will aggressively pursue mechanisms to make this data collection easier and more effective.
  • By collecting data at a granular process level, the ERP lends itself to supporting detailed data driven monitoring, risk management and control structures.
  • Additionally, since this the ERP is online, the advantages of concurrent remote monitoring are available to the organization