Svasti Loans for MSMEs

Transforming Lives Everywhere.

Svasti provides micro and small and medium enterprises loans to its customers, who in many cases, are our existing Microfinance Loan customers who have demonstrated high standards of repayment behavior with us, and about whom we have accumulated significant data and built a relationship with.

Besides our existing customers, we also provide MSME Loans to new Svasti customers after doing a rigorous cash flow analysis of their business and household incomes, expenses, assets, liabilities, as well as an evaluation of the property offered as security for the loans.

Terms and conditions of the MSME Loans vary based on credit rating of the customers.

Never before in this Segment

First of its Kind

Our MSME Loan product is innovative and unique for this segment and is customized to upgrade our microfinance customers who have higher loan needs and repayment capacities.

Simple Process

Pre Approved Loans

Our MSME Loans are pre-approved for Svasti Microfinance customers who have a good repayment history and want larger loan amounts for business or other productive purposes.

Not for Public

By Invitation Only

Svasti MSME Loans are offered by Invitation, as an upgrade to existing Svasti Microfinance customers with a good repayment history, and need and capacity for higher loan amounts.