Svasti's Social Impact: A Report by 60_db

May 2023:

Svasti participated in the 2023 60 Decibels MFI Index which is a social performance report of over 100+ microfinance institutions across the globe, the data for which was collected through the voices of clients.

The summary report presents Svasti’s results across the six dimensions of financial inclusion’s impact: access, business impact, household impact, client protection, resilience, and agency.

Participation in the MFI Index survey shows Svasti’s commitment to ESG. Svasti’s performance on several indicators is higher than the benchmarks. The results and positive client feedback obtained gives us confidence that our efforts in client protection, service quality, and continuous staff training and monitoring have paid off.

While Svasti got several external ratings and certifications with good scores, hearing the feedback directly from clients makes this special.

Svasti's Social Impact: A Report by 60_db