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Svasti offers a range of financial products that help fulfill every woman's right to finance. We work primarily on trust, and the Power of Five which drives our core Microfinance (Joint Liability Group Loans) business.

In addition to our JLG loans, we also offer MSME Loans for micro, small, and medium size businesses, and customised Consumer Finance that includes Bill Payment Services and EMI Schemes for essential consumer products.

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Svasti Products

Fulfilling the Right to Finance

Svasti Microfinance JLG Loans

₹ 20,000 to ₹ 80,000

Leveraging the Power of Five

Svasti's 5-Member Joint Liability Group Loan (JLG) product, provides groups of women loans ranging from twenty thousand to eighty thousand rupees, to finance business setup or expansion, or any other business or productive needs.

Our unique and transparent loan approval and disbursement process takes just one week from start to end, giving the applicants acceptance or rejection of their application, on-the-spot!

Our JLG Microfinance Loans are provided with less emphasis on documentation, and more emphasis on trust

Svasti MSME Loans

₹ 1 lakh to ₹ 5 lakhs

Transforming Lives Everywhere

At Svasti, we understand that the needs and aspirations of our customers keep growing year after year, which is why Svasti uses smart technology and data analytics to identify and upgrade our Microfinance customers by providing MSME loans to them based on their financial needs and repayment capacity.

We provide our customers with MSME loans to expand and grow a business, or to use the funds for other essential business related expenses, asset acquisition, loan consolidation and other productive purposes

Svasti Consumer Finance

Short Term Credit

Cash-flow for Customer convenience

Svasti's Consumer Finance products help our customers with short-term EMI repayment options for the purchase of essential consumer durables, mobile smartphones, and services like medical insurance.

Our Consumer Finance offerings are available for existing Svasti Microfinance and MSME Loans customers only.








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