Fulfilling Every Woman's Right to Finance

Svasti believes that the Right to Finance is a fundamental right of all human beings, including ones who do not have collateral to support their bid for finance.

Svasti’s vision focuses on the right to finance for women, as women are not only important members of every household, but they are also part of the uncounted millions who contribute to the economy of India, through micro-enterprises and the unorganized sector.

Svasti products are designed for women who would like to start a small business, expand their existing business, and provide their families with meaningful lives.

Our mission is to transform the lives of 10 million (1 crore) women and their families by 2030. What’s more, when you count an average of five people per family in India, our work will hopefully help improve the lives of 50 million (5 crores) people in the next ten years!

Co-Founder & CEO

Arunkumar Padmanabhan

There was a time when making a positive impact on society and making bottom-lines positive were seen at odds with each other. We set out to challenge this notion, by creating a scalable, sustainable, and profitable business, that was intrinsically linked to having a positive impact and transforming the lives of people and society at a large scale.

In the Business of Transforming Lives

Our Co-Founders, Arunkumar Padmanabhan and Narayanan Subramaniam are passionate about bringing positive change in society, by facilitating access to finance for all sections of people, using smart processes and innovative technology.

From day one, they hired a strong team of committed individuals, and empowered them to develop and implement products and processes they believe would be the best in the industry.

Together, they created a culture based on People First values, which each of us refers to as ‘Mera Svastitva’, that drives our internal and external relationships.

Recognising the need for modern solutions to traditional microfinance challenges, we have also developed our own Svastech solutions that help us optimize time and resources.

The transformation we have managed to achieve with all the above, is reflected in growth of our people, in the success of the company, and in the smiles of our customers.

The numbers below, summarise our journey so far. But please scroll down below, to read about our Vision and Mission, and what drives us.










Co-Founder, CFO & CIO

Narayanan Subramanian

I was excited by the positive impact that good processes coupled with smart automation could have on customers who were otherwise undocumented in the nation’s financial ecosystem. We created a people + technology symbiosis that helps us continuously learn and adapt to customer sentiment, needs, and potential.


At Svasti, ‘balance sheets’ define growth, ‘values’ define success. And over the years, we have managed to nurture a healthy stream of both growth and success.

As a company, we put people first, and nurture the values of fairness, innovation, responsibility, service orientation, and the adoption of smart technology.

This defines who we are and our reason for being at Svasti. This is our Svastitva (Svasti's अस्तित्व), which we embrace as Mera Svastitva.

Our focus on values instead of just numbers, have helped customers see us people they can trust and have a long-term relationship with. Proof of this is reflected in the smiles of our customers, and in the growth of our people over the years.

Mera Svastitva drives our vision to fulfill the right to finance and transform the lives of women and their families everywhere. It also drives our mission to transform the lives of our staff and their families everywhere.

Vice President - Microfinance Loans

Ravikumar Nagaram


Svasti Microfinance Great Place To Work Certified 20-21-22-23-24

No, this is not an over-claim. With the contribution of every one of us driven by our people-first Svastitva, we're proud to say that Svasti Microfinance has been certified as a "Great Place to Work" for five years in a row.

With many new initiatives rolled out over the years, and additional people-first policies implemented during the pandemic, our aim is to be mindful of the changing times, meet the expectations of our people, and always be a great place to work.

To know more, and view our certification/listing, please click here.

This certification isn't just a recognition of our efforts in various areas of human resource development and people management but is also a guide to understanding the areas Svasti as an employer needs to improve on, and the good things we need to continue.

Vice President - HR & Admin

Narayan Bhaskar

The Svasti Mission


At Svasti, we not only aim to be one of the finest Microfinance Companies in the country,
we also aim to be one of the finest places to work.