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Our business is about transforming lives, including the lives of our own.

By people,
for people.

Being a people-driven business, Svasti places a high degree of importance of developing a workforce that is capable of meeting the varied challenges of the business.

The Svasti Business Model is more than just a business model. It is an approach based on the fact that our business is about people and their lives, which is why our business also has to be human.

We lay great emphasis on relationships, and encourage our teams to nurture them for mutual benefit, rather than short-term financial gain.

With the efforts of our management, and the contributions of every one of us at Svasti, we're proud to say, that Svasti has been certified as a "Great Place To Work" for four years in a row!

This certification isn't just a recognition of our efforts, but is also a guide to understanding the areas Svasti as an employer needs to improve on, and the good things we need to continue!

Team Svasti


Our people are trained not just to be good professionals, but also good partners to customers.


The focus at Svasti is on grooming in-house talent, and building leadership from within.


Our training and technologies are designed to help our people take field-decisions on the spot.

Svasti is about People, Inside Out.

Values at Svasti

Values at Svasti

The driving force at Svasti is our field staff, who are young individuals with excellent communication skills, thirst for knowledge, and the passion to work in a dynamic environment that impacts the Bottom of the Pyramid.

Our field staff operates at three levels - Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) who are our key relationship builders with our customers; Assistant Branch Managers (ABMs) and Branch Managers (BMs) who manage our CRMs and a branch; and finally, Unit Managers (UMs) who are responsible for a geographical area consisting of five branches.

We believe that our CRMs are all capable of becoming ABMs, BMs and UMs in due course, with appropriate support from us. At Svasti, educational qualifications are not a limitation for growth, and performance and hard work are always rewarded.

Training at Svasti

Training at Svasti

Considering the fact that most people joining Svasti know very little or nothing about microfinance, we place a lot of reliance on in-house training.

Training consists of both Classroom and Field Training over a period of 15 days. Training involves a thorough understanding of Svasti’s culture and the way it operates the products, processes and the ways to deliver it to the customer and the prospective customer and the appropriate manner to deal with them.

The training session includes video showcases that give the trainee a quick introduction to on-ground reality. At various points during the employee’s career, he/she is given training to move on to next level in the Company in a bid to support the objective of a long-term engagement with the employee.

Svasti Team in the field Ghatkopar

Culture at Svasti

A major contributor to the success of a microfinance company is its ability to hire, retain and develop talent. Svasti provides both opportunity and challenges to managing human resources given the diversified employment options available. The ability to differentiate not only in the industry but across the city is paramount.

Svasti recognizes the benefits of long term engagement with its employees and targets very high employee satisfaction levels. So far, Svasti has been able to attract good talent and retain them resulting in very low employee turnover. Svasti is an equal employment opportunity company and is committed to creating a healthy working environment that enables employees to work without fear of prejudice, Gender Bias and Sexual Harassment.











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At Svasti, we not only aim to be one of the finest financial services companies in the country,
we also aim to be one of the finest places to work.