Svasti Microfinance Loans

Leveraging the Power of Five!

Svasti's unique Joint Liability Group (JLG) Microfinance loans provide groups of women loans ranging from thirty two thousand to one lakh four thousand rupees, to finance business setup, expansion, or extension.

Our unique and transparent loan approval and disbursement process takes less than one week from start to end, with the acceptance or rejection of the loan application being given on-the-spot!

Svasti JLG Microfinance loans are provided with less emphasis on documentation, and more emphasis on trust.

The Loan Origination Process



Svasti Microfinance Loan Origination Process

On the spot 
Loan Status

The loan approval process for
Svasti Joint Liability Group (JLG)
Microfinance is transparent and
its status is provided on-the-spot
using smart technology.



JLG Microfinance applicants who
fulfill basic KYC requirements
and have a group guarantee, get
on-the-spot indication of loan
approval status, by our team.

Easy Borrowing
and Repayment

Disbursement of the loan aside
all interactions between Svasti
and our customers take place
conveniently, at the residence
or workplace of our customers.