Svasti Micro LAP

Transforming Lives Significantly.

At Svasti, we understand that the need for micro, small and medium enterprises loans, and the aspirations of their owners, keep growing year after year. Which is why we provide MSME owners with business loans to expand and grow a business, or use the funds for other essential business related expenses. Svasti uses smart technology and data analytics to identify and upgrade our Microfinance Loan customers with Micro LAP based on their financial needs and repayment capacity.

Svasti Micro LAP provides between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 20 lakhs for tenures ranging from 1 to 10 years

The First of its
Kind in India

Svasti Micro LAP is the first of
its kind offering for micro and
small businesses run by women
and it is customised for Svasti
Microfinance customers.

Quick Approvals
of Micro LAP 

Our Micro LAP for business
are quick approval loans for
Svasti Microfinance customers
with a good repayment history
and business expansion plans.

By Invitation

Svasti Micro LAPs are offered
by invitation only, as an upgrade
to existing Svasti Microfinance
customers with a good history
of loan repayment.